Saxon Pentworth  sat in the anteroom of the General Education Natural Intelligence Society on pins and needles. He had worked for GENUIS  for fifteen years and this was the first time the Secretary of the society had ever asked to see him . Saxon had a degree from Cambridge in theoretical mathematics and had been  pursuing  a doctorate when the Society approached him . His specialty was chaos theory . Determining a wide variety of possible outcomes from a set of multiple variables.  His work was central to the Society’s mission. Now after fifteen long years  and a many false starts and red herrings his work and the work of every other mathematician and sociologist and psychologist within the Society may have finally born fruit.

The door to the Secretary’s office swung wide and the Under Secretary ,Declan Marshall, motioned for him to come into the office. Saxon passed by Declan and stood before the Secretary’s desk.  The office was decorated in a modest understated décor. The Secrtary’s desk was  smooth brown oak desk that was functional not fancy. It had a small pencil holder and a laptop computer sitting on it at odd angles. The walls were painted a muted brown . There was a short wooden bookcase sitting behind the Secretary next to a window. The view was nothing spectacular. Saxon could see the rolling green lawn that flowed across the back of the Society’s main building . Further past the lawn was the Virginia forest that  shielded the Society from prying eyes.   The Secretary did not rise and shake Saxon’s hand. His hands were forming a steeple in front of his face.  Saxon did not know the Secretary’s name. He was a white haired man of  indeterminate ethiniticity. His complexion was too light to be African American but too dark to be totally Caucasian. Saxon guessed his genetic makeup included some Arabic or Hispanic ancestry but one could not be sure about these things.

The Secretary nodded toward Declan. It was Declan who had recruited Saxon and it was Declan who had informed the Secretary of Saxon’s findings. Declan walked out of the office  backwards and closed the door . The Secretary put his hands flat on the desk.

“So you think you have found him or her? You have solved the Algorithm?” he said.

Saxon shifted his weight on the balls of his feet.

“Well Sir,  you don’t really solve an Algorithm . I basically created it with the information the society has collected and using a set of equations came to a conclusion.” The Secretary tilted his head to the side.

“Sit down Saxon.” Saxon sat.

“As you know this  Society has existed since the Roman Empire fell. When a few learned scholars realized that human intellect was not finite. That man’s capacity for learning and creation was limitless .  They then  realized that for a small select group of people the world was a puzzle to be solved .And within this rarified group there existed one or two who could solve the puzzle with ease.. These indiviuals represented a leap in intellectual  development A paradigm shifting intelligence that came along once in a generation.  The next step in human evolution.

“The Genius Principle.”  Saxon said breathlessly.

“Yes the Genius Principle. The very idea that genius is not just an accident but a quantifiable genetic principle that can be predicted and once predicted can be directed toward goals that better the common good.  Our duty here at the Society is sacred .We do not move with haste and yet we must move decisively once we make an accurate determination. We will not have another Tesla on my watch!” the Secretary said . Saxon knew the story of Tesla. The algorithm had been incorrectly interpreted  and instead of Tesla the Society had approached the parents of Thomas Edison .They gave him the support of their vast knowledge and influence. Meanwhile Tesla toiled in obscurity  and died destitute . His near magical understanding of physics ,electromagnetism and polydimensional travel were lost to the ages.

“Sir I assure you we have checked and re-checked the algorithm . I solved it ,as you say, in 1998. I have been confirming my findings ever since. I would wager everything I own and my own reputation on my findings.  He ,and yes he is a he, was born in Mathews ,Virginia in 2003. Using the rod pendulum equation as a template and taking into account factors such as genealogical history  ,population density ,complex DNA sequence tracking and various other variables that appear random but are in reality predictable if viewed through the prism of chaotic movement and -”  The Secretary raised his hand.

“I’ve read your report Saxon. I see your equations and your conclusions. Your report is concise and professional . I have three doctorates in physics ,engineering and astronomy respectfully. I understand the data. What I want is your gut belief. I wanted to speak to you face to face and to ascertain how much you believe in what you have postulated. I want in essence , to read you. I want you to show me that in your heart you believe you are right.”The Secretary said  staring deep into Saxon’s eyes.  Saxon did not know how to respond. In his entire tenure with the Society all decisions ,all interactions were based on data, a rigid adherence to  cold analytical logic and scientific method. Emotional reactions were not tolerated. Now the Secretary wanted his gut reaction. What were gut reactions in the presence of fifteen years of research?  He might as well ask him did  he BELIEVE in the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus.

“Uh Sir,  I don’t know ,I uh  mean all the research leaves no doubt. He is the one. We have run the actuary tables  double and triple and quadruple checked the results. As you said you have read the report. He lives in Mathews with his mother .She is single and his father left them when the boy was young. Using Society resources we have accessed his school records. His test scores in  Math and Science and English are so far beyond the curve they don’t even know how to approach teaching him . In the next two years they will tell his mother that he needs to be in a school for gifted and talented  students. They  will only recommend that because they don’t know what else to say. His I.Q. is in the high triple digits.  I’ve personally reviewed the DNA profile .He has the same genetic markers as Da Vinci ,Tesla ,Copernicus ,Benjamin Banennker   Archimedes and all the others in the archives. All the evolutionary escalators that we have chronicled have the same markers. An abnormal number of chromosomes and the unique  distance of their double helix sequence. It’s him!” Saxon said. He slapped the desk at the same time.  The Secretary raised his eyebrow.

“I’m so sorry Sir. But ,but it’s him ! I know it. I know it in my heart I guess.”Saxon said quietly.

The Secretary  steepled his fingers below his nose.

“That’s what I was looking for Saxon. Passion and logic don’t always have to be enemies. Well I will alert the members of the board and we will put the necessary steps in motion.”

“Necessary steps ?” Saxon asked

“As I said we will not have another Tesla incident on my watch. We will approach the young mother and offer her the chance to give her son the opportunity to help all of mankind. She will of course have to give up custody and the boy will be placed in an environment more amenable to his particular gift. He will be nurtured and educated and his gift will be given the proper soil in which to grow . “The Secretary said .

‘Sir forgive me but I don’t understand .We are going to take this boy from his mother?” Saxon said softly.

“Saxon if you are correct and I believe you are,this boy is the next step in intellectual evolution. It is our responsibility  to ensure that he gives his gifts to all mankind.”

“And what if she doesn’t want to give him up sir?” Saxon asked. The Secretary turned his head and gazed out the window .

“Accidents happen Saxon.  What we do we do for the common good. For the continued advancement of all mankind. We would be derelict in our duties if we let him live in squalid conditions and in the care of a trollop.” The Secretary said . Saxon didn’t say a word.

“Please go see Declan and give him your final report. Then you can begin your work on the next algorithm. ” the Secretary said.  He faced Saxon again and nodded toward the door.

“Of course sir.” Saxon said  as he rose. He walked out the office and back to his computer lab.  Fifteen years of work and study. Of sleepless nights and splitting headaches .All so that a child could be stolen from his mother.  Saxon entered the lab and went to his own desk.  The wall was lined with liquid crystal screens connected to a bank of powerful computers all  on one mainframe. A series of equations ,cosigns and animated models scrolled across the screens.  Saxon pulled out his tablet and accessed his file on the young boy. The only people who had seen the report were Declan,The Secretary and Saxon himself.  No one else in the Society had seen the report or the findings. It had been left to Saxon to correlate all the information and write the final dissertation.  Saxon pulled up the file and imbedded it in an email addressed to the Declan.  His finger hovered over the send button.

Saxon bit his lip.

He hit the delete button.

Three days later  a stranger pulled into  Lakisha Williams driveway. She was staring out the window of her living room while her son put a jigsaw puzzle together on the floor. She was always amazed at how he assembled the puzzles.  He would turn the pieces face down then close his eyes and put them together by feel.  She thought it was amazing ,he thought it was fun. A small white two -door car stopped just outside the door of her trailer. A thin white man got out of the vehicle  and came up to the door.  He knocked once. Lakisha opened the door but left the chain up.

“Can I help you? You a Witness?” she asked .

“A witness to what ?  Uh no ma’am I am not a witness.. My name is Saxon Prentworth and I am here to talk about your son. He is a very very special boy and he needs my help. May I come in?”


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